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Rainbow Gardening, CSA Options Boost Healthy Eating

April 10, 2012

Many people look at food choices from a narrow perspective. In a quest to avoid “factory farms” (I dislike that term immensely) they seek to buy something just like the large farms produce, at the same price but not large farm produced. There are many who say they want to eat better but cost is an option.

For those in Birmingham to Nashville, we have a deal for you! For those here local in Walker County Alabama (or Winston county) it’s even better! We can deliver CSA shares to Birmingham or Nashville on a monthly basis, and weekly to Jasper or pick up here. This differs from the farm shares in that you don’t get to choose as many details, but you do get more payments and saving money! Who doesn’t like saving money?! So for 10 spots only, we’ll have a CSA option – $65 per month for 7 months. Whatever is grown for this is split 10 ways. This comes to just $16.25 per week! You cannot buy this at the grocery store folks!

This is produce and eggs – it does not include meats, although you have the option of adding a meat package onto it. Pay $65 now, and $65 the first Saturday of each month and get fresh produce and eggs…delivered to pickup points!

Here’s where the rainbow comes in…we want color right? Food may feed our stomach but color entertains the visual. We’ll have the ‘ordinary’ green peppers and tomatoes, yes we will. We have zucchini planted and spinach mustard. But we have more!

There’s yellow tomatoes! White bell peppers that mature to red, or chocolate bell peppers, or purple. There’s Bull Nose and Beaver Dam peppers that are different from the standard bell pepper. There’s also the spicey lovers – jalapeno, Serrano and others with some kick. We’ve planted Cumin and cilantro. We have rosemary, nasturtiums and more planted. Why have ordinary when you can look at a beautiful salad of green, purple, red and yellow?

We’ve started these from seed, many of the seeds are heirloom and certified organic, although we aren’t certified ourselves. We make use of raised beds, where we’ve spent the last five years building up fertility and have rich black soil – yes in Alabama! – to nourish these plants. It’s been a journey of inches sometimes it seems – but the soil is much different than that first year!

We’ve added compost, wheelbarrow loads of manure from under the rabbit cages, turned it, waited, given it time and each year it gets better. We have zucchini planted in green, black and yellow – a variety for eating in salads, casseroles or zucchini bread….yum! I can almost taste it!

How about herbs?! Fresh or air dried rosemary – there’s a world of difference when fresh!

Tomatoes and peppers are in this area this year.

We also have mint! Apple mint, chocolate mint, spearmint…heavenly!

A hint of a peppermint patty - chocolate mint isn't overwhelming but subtle and with purple stems that make it a visual and culinary treat to salads.

Those with farm shares are already in line to get some of these treats…don’t be left out!

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  1. April 10, 2012 7:04 PM

    You’re makin’ me hungry…


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