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Does Reality Matter?

April 11, 2012

Reality television is popular but most know that it’s not real reality. Yet a video or comment is put up against agriculture, and it stands as the gospel truth. For example, when an animal rights group comes forth and says cattle in modern feedlots have their horns burned off – people believe it. Never mind that most in modern feedlots are angus or angus cross, which don’t *have* horns genetically – there wasn’t horns to burn off! There is also talk of cows spending their lives in feedlots – but the truth is most *cows* are on pasture. Does it matter? You bet it does!!

The same tactics are used to show “earless bunnies” that are victims of ‘horrible cruelty at the hands of humans’…when in truth it’s usually stemming to their own mother when they’re days old. The above rabbit lost her ears to her mother when she was 2 days old. Every bunny except one had ear disfigurement, and that one had a toe nipped off. Does it matter? It should!

If the truth doesn’t matter, then it doesn’t matter if these Muscovy ducks live in these cages? After all – whether it’s for a year, six months or a day to transport, some believe that it’s all the same. I think most people find a difference in the details.

I urge consumers to not listen to what appears to be. Contact farmers to find out what they do, and if it matters to you make food choices around that. That’s a win for you, and a win for farmers. Does reality matter? Do the details matter?

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