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Festivals – Play & Socializing

April 14, 2012

A little play time today as Connor & I went to the Alabama Chicken & Egg Festival in Moulton. Something we’ll definitely be participating in next year I think. 🙂

Some pictures to share:

Buff Silkie on exhibit at the festival

Some tractors showing agriculture history of a different kind:

There was arts and crafts:

Handmade soaps

steel items of many kinds

another decorative use for 'trash'!

Nature's sponge

Beautiful flowers and plant starts –

And of course – chicken of all kinds.

Music, crafts and agriculture. Connor even spoke up to answer a couple of quiz questions at the Chicken Whisperer’s show – what kind of chickens lay green or blue eggs, and how many days does a chicken egg incubate? Quite proud that he’s learned the answers to these and more. His response…see I *did* learn some things!

Fun day – more pics to follow.

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