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Crowdsourcing, Expanding, Upgrading

April 24, 2012

Upgrading is constant on many farms and in many businesses. If you stand still, even if you’re on the right road you’ll get run over! We’re looking back over the last year, looking to where we want to be, and keep trying different things to get there!

Some time ago on a SCORE webinar I heard about IndiGoGo and thought it’s worth a try. With a specific thing we want to do, in this case a barn upgrade, from our current set up to a 22×26′ metal carport, enclosed on one end, half sides (for ventilation) and open on the other end – we’ll custom enclose it. We found some top quality cages – good quality, long lasting big section cages. They’re in sections that are 5 feet wide and 12 feet long, with eight 30×36″ ‘holes’ (stalls) in each one. Four of those would be a huge upgrade for our hard working breeding does, allowing more space and comfort for growing babies. These are used, $200 per section – not cheap, but they’ll last for years. Added to this would be chains to secure them solidly, pvc pipe to run a gravity water system, a tank for collecting reclaimed water to use for watering rabbits, a roll of 2×4″ ‘dog wire’ (to run in the open area, keeping animals in/out) and other small miscellaneous items to get this barn running.

With this, that carport would be divided into 2-4 sections, with young birds running under the rabbit cages (using floor space) – this way it makes use of space, the young birds scratching helps keep wet spots dry, they provide fly control *and* clean up pellets and grain the rabbits drop, making better use of feed.This is similar to Polyface, Joel Salatin’s operation, but with our own way of working what works for us.

We had two chicks hatch from a disastrous hatch – the incubator did not remain steady and is another project to upgrade later. One of the chicks didn’t make it, but the other is doing well. A black Australorp, it’ll stand out in the group of Delawares and Rhode Island Whites arriving soon. We received notification they shipped today – so hoping they arrive safely! The feeder, water, light and one little roommate are waiting!

We’d appreciate your support with the crowdsourcing venture and, if you can’t, spreading the word would help a great deal! The closer we get to making this happen the faster we can go forward. While our animals are all fed and housed, we’d like to move forward, and with the chances of storms, a more solid barn would be a good thing!We may be adding more perks too. We appreciate our customers and supporters, as well as those who come here just to read and learn.


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