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F5 Tornadoes One Year Later

April 27, 2012

It’s been a year since the tornadoes tore through Alabama, and although we were spared a direct hit of the F5s that hit just north and south of us, it’s a day that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Besides being without power for several days it was a test in preparation – water, food, getting by without electricity for days.

We’ve since added some solar lights out front – the incredible darkness of the area is hard to describe. What we didn’t see until later was the coverage that prompted social media friends to call – something we also won’t forget.

James Spann worked some long hours at that time and was dedicated to saving as many people as possible with warning to get to a safe place.

The aftermath of above:

Within our county – sirens never went off here where we are.

After – flyover

It’s been a year for us. It’s more recent for Oklahoma and Kansas. Take a minute to remember those lost, those still rebuilding and get your own preparations in order. Hope it’s not needed but if it is you’ll be glad to not rely on help that may not come. Do it now.



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