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Would You Like to Own a Show Rabbit?

April 28, 2012

We’re thinking on some new ways to grow our little operation, one of which is following the lead of horse and cattle people – for those without a place to have rabbits, we’ll manage your show rabbit and help you learn about livestock as well as rabbits. Showing rabbits, like showing other animals, isn’t done for the money. There may be, if one is lucky, increase in the value of an animal for breeding. The bottom line value of rabbits is from a functional standpoint for the majority of rabbits.

That said many like the competition. Perhaps the dog world is “too political” and there’s not thousands of dollars monthly to maintain larger show animals. But a rabbit – a rabbit it something else.

Connor's Champagne D'Argents

So what do we have in mind? For $350 you get a rabbit, and it covers the housing of him or her here. This also helps towards the cost of our barn upgrade, as well as introducing more people to the rabbit world in a personal way.

There are dozens of breeds, and we need to narrow the list from a standpoint of resources, especially time at shows. If you like the smaller rabbits, choose from Jersey Wooly or Florida Whites. Those interested in a little larger breed may choose from heritage and less common breeds like Palomino, American Chinchilla, Beveren, Silver Fox, Cinnamon, Champagne D’Argent, Creme D’Argent or American Sable. Love the larger breeds? Giant Chinchillas or Flemish Giant (light grey or fawn) may strike your fancy. This covers the initial setup – supplying cages, feeders, water, a solid roof over their heads. We supply experience, carriers for transporting, tattoo and other equipment as needed. The maintenance of your rabbit will run you $30 per month – this covers time, feed (pellets and hay or other fiber, treats), bedding and basic care. Your fees on top of this – show entries, a portion of transportation fees going to shows (much cheaper when divided up!), club memberships (we recommend joining your breed club and ARBA).

Giant Chinchilla doe

Why are we taking this unusual approach? Yes people can go it alone and get a decent rabbit for under $100 – but this is only part of the cost of housing and feeding a show animal. It’s a way to get more people involved hands on in rare livestock conservation, which deepens the understanding of agriculture as a whole and rabbits in particular. If you take a further step and choose to breed (keep in mind bucks can show and breed, but does need time off from shows when caring for their babies) there is the potential of sales from offspring, meat for your freezer, possibly fiber (Jersey Wooly) and other benefits. It’s a chance to dip your toe into the world of agriculture at a lower cost than cattle or horses. We’ll give the same attention to all animals as our own.

If interested in this, contact us directly here or on our Facebook page.  For a while we’ll have a crowdsourcing page up as well.

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