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Sunday Afternoon – Building Brooder Project

April 29, 2012

A little down time today just hanging out & relaxing, but some basics still need to be done. Aside from feeding and watering we worked on the brooder.

The brooder is where baby chicks go for their first weeks of life. Getting something large enough to handle the chicks but small enough to be able to move if needed can be a challenge. Additionally this has a solid floor, preventing the issue of flooding that can affect outdoor raising of chicks.

Missy tests the floor.

This is a 3’x6′ floor area.

Solid piece of discount floor vinyl nailed on base.

Additional framing for walls is nailed into place (above).

One solid piece of clear plastic will keep rain and drafts from getting in on the one side. This will need to be drilled and screwed on to keep it from splitting. The end closest to us in the photo will have a second piece of clear covering the 3′ back and side. There are no doors – the roof will be hinged, plywood in the enter is a visual 1/2 way point. When completed, the far end and 1/2 of the other side will be wire – open for ventilation. Metal roofing, and the center divider (with a spacer roof to prevent leaks) means we can have two 3×3′ brooders or one 3×6′ brooder. The clear plastic walls allows easy visual checking the chicks, water and food without opening the brooder. This will be finished up and in service this week, with the Cornish chicks being the first ones through it. There will be some solar heating with this if it’s in the sun, or it can be moved near the house to be plugged in for the first week. If we absolutely had to it could house two pairs of Seabrights.

Scotty supervises the activity.

Paul & Connor taking a break with the “bat table”.

Back raised bed tomatoes – they’re growing !

And another week begins!


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  1. April 30, 2012 8:14 PM

    Another good post and build 🙂

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