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Chinchillas & Chinchilla Rabbits

May 3, 2012

Although we often talk about our rabbits, the name is a confusion for some. Recently someone posted on Facebook looking for a rabbit – I responded asking what kind of rabbit she wanted and what for (pet, show, meat etc). I offered that I had giant Chinchillas, and she responded no she wanted a rabbit.

A little visual – this is a chinchilla, a rodent, sometimes kept as a pet:

The giant chinchilla rabbit, as well as the American chinchilla and standard chinchilla, are breeds of rabbits that differ in size. Rabbits are not rodents – they’re lagomorphs and, unlike rats and mice (rodents) do not eat meats.

They were developed as a fur and meat rabbit decades ago, with a larger pelt to feed the chinchilla fur demand, as well as being easy to raise for those with room for rabbits. They are all rabbit, but a particular breed of rabbit.

Similarly some other breeds have a chinchilla color, such as Satins and Rex – two breeds also known for their fur.

While activists attack the use of fur, the breeds of chinchilla still excel at producing meat and fur. The functional provision of food is part of what our rabbits do, as well as show rabbits. It insures there is no ‘overpopulation’ here as there is a demand for a high protein lean meat.

We love the Giant Chinchilla for many reasons – the beautiful coat, large size, meat production, great temperaments are just part of the reasons. See us at a show and meet some of our show rabbits…they are definitely rabbits.


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