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Ag in the Bible ~ Special

May 6, 2012

Those who have read for a while know I like horse racing, and with yesterday being the Kentucky Derby it’s been a typical spring of watching beautiful young horses become champions. Sometimes the best horse has a bad day, or another is peaking at the right time.

This year I’ll Have Another jumped up to claim the Kentucky Derby trophy. Now what’s this got to do with anything?

Would you buy a horse who won the most famous horse race in the world (or one of them) for $11,000? That’s what a good prospect by Flower Alley ($7500 stud fee) out of an Arch daughter cost…decent breeding. And a year later selling that colt for $35,000 as a prospect in training…they probably thought they did ok. Would you pay $35,000 for a Kentucky Derby winner?

Most say they would – but don’t. They don’t see the value in that youngster that might be. They don’t see the potential that may or may not pan out. They don’t dare to dream about what might be possible. However, someone did buy that colt for $35,000. They did believe in him, train him, began his racing career and yesterday that colt won the Kentucky Derby. It’s easy to say “I’d pay $35,000 for him now” – but in open auction sales only one acted.

Only one saw the potential, the value, the special of what he could be and was willing to pay to have him. Equally, only one sees the true potential of each of us and what we can be – and paid to have us.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Jesus did that. He saw value and something special in us, and paid the price.

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