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Growing Again – Rabbit Litters

May 8, 2012

Readers have watched the good, the bad and the downright discouraging here. The great placings at convention followed by the loss of several animals that were more than just investments.

We’re working on support for our barn raising in a different way than many. From small things to large, we’re looking at expanding on several fronts, and the herd grew today!

We’ll soon be separating out show prospects, and working on getting everyone tattooed. We’ve had several litters born in the last couple days – and one left to come. There’s the low of 6 (CB1) to high of 13 (Twisty) with a couple of 9s in there (CB4, Mistletoe). There’s the one that didn’t appear pregnant that was (Pudding) and the one who’s holding out for last (Shorty).

For those who have watched our blog for a while, the litter born last August that was savaged by their mom when they were 2 days old – Shorty, Twisty, Mistletoe and Split are the four does that survived. Split had 11, still has 9 she’s raised so for first time it’s awesome. Split as the name indicates has a split in her ear. Mistletoe’s ears look fine – her toe was nipped – so between her mom (Holly) and…well MistleTOE fit! Twisty – her ear was disfigured and is twisted back on itself. Shorty had large chunks out of both ears cut off – so ears are shorter than the others. They so far are good moms and will more than earn their way despite not being able to show.

Angelia was bred back to Jeff – extra insurance in a month for show bunnies for this fall. Several of the does will be getting a well earned summer break. CB1, Holly and Victoria (Champagne) will have some time off for sure. The does that currently have babies probably won’t be bred again until July, maybe August, with the possible exception of Callie. There are a few first timers and ‘problem’ breeders that will be bred this month, but it’s lining up for some (relative) down time for the hot summer months, save for some meat bunnies which are needed year round.

And it’s not too early to begin thinking of breeding plans for next year’s convention in Pennsylvania. Connor will be adding a few Champagnes and Silver Fox to his herd. Between those we’re keeping and the ones he’s adding it will take room! Good cages for housing aren’t cheap but are important! And a roof over them is also!

We’ll have meat rabbits this summer too – don’t wait too late!

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