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Mother’s Day On & Off the Farm

May 11, 2012

Growing up I remember one thing I could count on. Whether I was showing cattle or horses or dogs, whenever possible I could look out of the ring and mom was there. It’s not that she was so much an “agnerd”, as some friends might say. It was because support was important and she made an effort to be there. Even when she didn’t really care about the “farm stuff.”She loved flowers but always claimed she had a black thumb.

Years later she maintained that, being there at the county fair when I showed goats and as life slowed her down she supported from afar with showing rabbits and listening to stories.

Mom’s gone now, and it saddens me sometimes that Helen didn’t have a chance to share those memories with Connor. Although there is attempts to make up for that, there really isn’t a way to make up for it. We just go on with what we have.

On farms across America there is great importance placed on the sires – bulls, horses, rams and even buck rabbits – but programs are made or lost on the strength of the females. They raise the next generation (or don’t) and they live with the youngsters for the first weeks and months of life. There are some who raise youngsters that aren’t their own, like Angelia did when a young Silver Fox X Giant Chinchilla was abandoned by the inexperienced mom. She literally saved the baby bunny’s life.

Sometimes that’s enough. For all of those with your moms still with you – call them up, make a memory. They’re gone too soon, and whether it be at 50 or 79 or 95 it’s too soon.

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