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What Are Those Grey Rabbits?

May 14, 2012

Many people are confused by the colors of rabbits, and sometimes it can seem technical in the descriptions! I recently saw a conversation about determining Champagne D’Argent and Chinchilla babies, with the similarity in looks.

Actually they aren’t as much alike as one thinks!

These giant chinchillas from a very young age have a “salt & pepper look” but if you gently blow into the coat the hair itself is different colors from top to bottom.

If you look closely on this bottom baby, just days old and eyes not even open yet, they are dark with a light colored belly, which fills in with the chinchilla colored fur.

The Champagne starts totally black – no light colored belly – and the hair changes beginning as what in a horse would be roan. There are white hairs and black hairs.

These are getting hair in – and it’s solid black. There’s no shade of grey at this stage.

These are just weaned babies – and are getting in the frosted roan hairs, but still noticeable black patches. As they get older they get lighter colored. Compare to a Giant Chinchilla of about the same age:

Above shot shows a Champagne that’s older, with the color transformation almost complete, although he still has dark ears, around the eyes and nose.

As adults – above Champagne, below chinchilla.

From a distance both may appear ‘grey’ – but are distinct. The light colored belly hair is clear on the above doe. The Chinchilla coat may have a brownish tinge but doesn’t vastly change in color from the salt and pepper look. The Champagne d’Argent on the other hand changes a great deal. Young bunnies with comparison to their mother (in front):

Both are beautiful breeds, but very distinct. Both the Giant Chinchilla (as well as American Chinchilla) and Champagne were bred for meat and fur…but they are distinctive in appearance!

Not all “grey” is the same!

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  1. October 1, 2014 10:50 AM

    I am looking to buy some Chinachilla rabbits can you send me info. To Jerrica & Gabe Hargreaves 3021 Chamberlain Rd Buchanan, Mi 49107 Thank you thier Dad

    • October 1, 2014 12:01 PM

      Giant Chinchillas have some good breeders in Michigan. Dan Brink is up there, as is Bonnie at HighTower Farm. I can forward your information or perhaps they will contact here. Thanks for stopping by.


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