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Cost of Living

May 18, 2012

People want emotion. We’re cautioned on one hand to not share too much and on the other to be completely transparent. What’s enough and what’s too much?

This afternoon I listened to Ronnie Dunn’s “High Cost of Living” and empathized while counting blessings.

As we cleared out room for more raised beds and I looked at the list of things to do that will take cash, it can be discouraging. Jobs for others are hard – one part time that was suited enough to apply for brought nearly four dozen applicants and only a handful got interviews. I wasn’t one…and that’s ok but the money sure would be handy.

The crowdsourcing has been a bust, even with some interesting perks. Perhaps more to learn about effectively presenting it. Discouraging…heck yea it is!! There’s people saying how there’s a demand for “real food” and heirloom or heritage raised with transparency. We could hire a model to strip and walk down giving coupons away and fight to get people signed up. We get a nibble of interest then when we contact the person they don’t know what we’re talking about…”umm you contacted me!”

We’re blessed in having a roof and four walls, even if it’s “ugly.” We have the hope and dreams of getting the land in Kentucky complete with paying customers, despite an uphill battle to do so. We have food for the week, a little work here and there but so often it’s touch and go. We have the basics covered. We have food and shelter for us and the critters, and produce coming on.

There isn’t much left for building sheds and other things. There is no health insurance, there is no cable or satellite tv. There won’t be a trip to the CMA fest this year even though it’s a short drive away, because precious funds are diverted towards the national show in October, and it’ll be that long putting aside to go.

Are we down? Heck no!! We are blessed to have a few dozen eggs extra to donate to those who have none – they’ll be given to families who need it tomorrow at a food giveaway. This was possible because of a sponsor a while back who sponsored our Dominique and Rhode Island Reds. We won’t get paid for that and don’t expect to.

Sometimes when things are tight, being able to give to someone else means a lot. These are some good times and we’ll look back one day and wish it wasn’t gone. So it’s time to soak it in, enjoy what’s there, read a book with the rabbits mowing the lawn.

Make a difference for someone. It’s more than a slogan we sign off with on Twitter. We can’t change the Cost of Living – we can decide how we deal with it. And it could be us next month.

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