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Being Victims in Food Fear Factor

May 19, 2012

Multiple times in encouraging food choices I’ve said here I didn’t want fear factor food. People who are scared are inhibited in food choices. Some almost want to be scared.

On our other blog we focus more on food itself. It’s over under the blogroll if you want to look – SlowMoneyFood.

We are limited in what we can do here, but rather than look at what we can’t do we focus on what we can do. Until we get our land we can’t raise sheep – no pasture. We can’t have our pen of feeder pigs. But we can do produce. We can raise birds and rabbits. When the can’t and discouragement raises it’s head we plant something, or breed something, or move something around.

It’s not about getting rich, but about getting by. We get it that things are tough, but also get it that everyone has to eat. We firmly believe as my grandmother did in a hand up rather than a hand out.

How often do you eat out? How many movies do you see per month? How about the cable or satellite bill? How about the latest gadget that you just have to have? How about coffee, cigarettes, beer or other habits?

We’ve had people say they can’t afford our CSA, which we’ve cut to the bone to make a little money as better than no money. It’s under $20 per week – $65 per month. Can’t afford that? Really? What’s a cable bill run today? How about dropping the movie channel, or cutting down on excess trips to town? If you don’t have $2.50 per day then what do you have to barter?

If someone wants to buy direct badly enough they’ll find a way to do it – if not they’ll find an excuse. We can’t be a victim folks! If you like junk food that’s ok – admit it and get on with it! Be honest enough to admit it and why direct purchase food isn’t that important.

We can’t change the big scheme of things. We can’t change the government, or the entire agriculture and food production model. We can’t change everyone else but we can change the one in the mirror. What will you do today to make a change? What will you do this week to take steps towards your goals? What ARE your goals?

Be it losing weight or exercising food choices, from eliminating unhealthy foods to simply reducing sugar we all have different goals. Take steps today to reach them! Repeat daily. Don’t be a victim – be the change you want to see, whatever that is. Turn off the television and cook a meal with the family.  Take a walk together for a half hour.

Change our homes and we change our communities. That goes up the ladder…and makes for change in country and food production. Farmers will always produce what sells…and you, dear consumer, drive that. Do you feel empowered? You should!


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