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This Week at SlowMoneyFarm

May 24, 2012

We’ve updated our for sale page! While we have feed and basics covered, we want to push for progress! To do that we’ve taken a step back to question what else we have that would be of value to sell. We’ve come up with some interesting answers!

Earthworms! Talk about an undervalued part of the “team”! Earthworms turn our garden soil into treasure! They convert rabbit manure. They’re valued for fishing bait and garden improvement. We’ll have some locally at $1 per dozen – it won’t be a retirement income by any means, but every little bit helps, and 15 sales is a bag of feed! It’s something that brings value to others also.

Tree saplings – we often have small saplings take root in the fertile soil of the raised bed. We’ve thrown out quite a few over the last few years, but will be offering some for sale. We have several right now, mostly oak trees, just $8 each. It’s often said that a garden is for this year or next, but a tree is for the next generation’s harvest, and what a way to remember someone. These are bare root – you’ll want to get them planted quickly!

Rosemary starts – our rosemary plants have provided many meals for ourselves and others. Here’s a chance to take a piece of SlowMoneyFarm home with you. $5 each start.

Local gardeners often say they can’t find a manure source. Rabbit manure is one of the best for flowers and vegetables, with NPK values of 2.4 1.4 .60 and it doesn’t burn plants as some other manures do. We will have chicken manure for those wanting to put it on the fall garden and compost until spring, but for the rest of the year we have rich rabbit manure! $5 for a 5 gallon bucket, or $15 for a ‘muck basket’ – we’ll even load it for you.  Bring your containers. Purchase in advance and we can pick up containers for you for an additional cost.  This is heavy in manure for the best value – little bedding. There may be a little fur (dropped from nest boxes) or small amount of bedding dropped from the nest box, but it’s mostly manure from underneath the cages, where little bedding is used. There are many who see our garden pictures and truly rabbit manure is the secret weapon – we have an ongoing supply and use it! Add $5, 10 or $15 and we’ll include the container!

We also have some tomato starts for sale. $3 each or several for $8/bucket.

We have a variety of things in the works – these are some ‘overlooked’ opportunities for us and for our customers. This week we’ll be planting three more raised beds, weaning Angelia’s litter to give her a break before her next litter, breeding some more litters and an endless list of chores, rearranging, cleaning, and more. Connor’s winding down the school year, preparing for a week at camp, and I’ll be doing some educational reading myself this summer!

As always, we appreciate the support. Don’t forget our offer of a chance to own a show bunny! We’ll do the work, you get the fun part. Could be an interesting business promotion too and less expensive than cattle or horses. We’ll be making some cuts soon so contact us if interested- email ! Pictures to follow!

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