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Marketing Or The Right Market

May 29, 2012

We all have choices. Food choices, life choices, fashion choices…choices. It’s a great thing isn’t it? And even those of us that seek a minority of the market can make it if we spread the word enough and have enough support doing so.

Australorp rooster at SlowMoneyFarm

This came to me again when I saw a yahoo poll (yes I do look at the side bar!) and saw the following (results shown):

Who are you a bigger fan of?

  • Lady Gaga    12%
  • Madonna 20%
  • I’m not a fan of either.    68%


Now both of these women are called celebrities, superstars and probably many unflattering names. Both draw crowds that enable them to travel the world, live anywhere they want and have a bigger platform than many could hope to have. Both are considered by many to be eccentric as well as a host of unflattering descriptions. But although 68% of people don’t like either of them (at least at the time of this result), they’ve made their fortune on 12% and 20% of the public support. A minority.

Equally often our politics is decided by a minority. In a good year with a high turnout, it’s said 47% of the population votes. In a tight race just over half, then, decides presidents, senators and other politicians. Just over 23%. That means, logically that 76.5% oppose, can’t vote or don’t care either way. And we wonder why things are going badly?

But I digress. I’ve often said and show we don’t need the majority of markets – we’re doing a smaller scale personal version. I often hear (but don’t see) that most people care about their food. I hear many talk, but most do trust that food is safe or have no choice in buying food options (or think they don’t!).

Some consider buying direct to be inferior to “the store”. Some won’t take eggs that are free – like the above ones – because they’re “dirty”. If they aren’t suitable for someone in need to eat then why would people pay for them? Or why do people pay more for free range, farm fresh food…while others reject it? Marketing. Perception.

If 20% of the people actually bought direct…the same number that care to speak up for Madonna…it would induce change. If 12% – the same number that buy Lady Gaga music – purchased direct what difference would it make? We could get giddy thinking that more people care about food than celebrities.

But do they? Do you?


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