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For Public Safety We Should Ban…

June 1, 2012

Have you noticed this increasing? I do! And yet there’s two things that if it was really about public safety should be banned, but aren’t and won’t be. Hear me out here folks!

Recently I saw a lot of conversation condemning G.W. Exotic Animal Park and extending to death threats directed at Joe. Why is that? A look at the website shows beautiful large areas that protect his tigers and other animals, as well as the people visiting from getting to them. Perhaps it’s (as many things) more political than that.

Yet there are entire groups that want to eliminate exotic animals. Now, we have a ball python – yes one of those evil constrictor snakes that some say “should be banned” because they’re a “danger to society.” Now our boy has never harmed anyone, let alone anyone out of our home. He’s never bitten anyone, even the visitor a couple years ago who was initially squeamish but in a few days was handling him. The only creature he’s a danger to is mice or rats, which he views as food. He won’t even eat rabbit, let alone human. Yet, some say he’s a threat to society that should be eliminated.

The fact is between 1990 and 2008 there were eight deaths from constrictors in the USA. In 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 there were none. Any death is tragic. OK so how about those tigers…those are dangerous right? Ban them all! But wait! In the years between 1990-2009 there were 14 deaths from tigers. Like pythons, none were from the general public…all were from someone who chose to interact with them – owners. How about bears? “We all know bears are dangerous.” From 1990-2010 there were five deaths. So putting tigers, bears and snakes together – from the well over 308million people in the USA there were 27 deaths from these captive exotics.

Now this doesn’t include those (much higher number) from wild bears, or from snake bites (12 per year). In those cases, the people go into the animal’s territory, and still don’t get large numbers of deaths.

Now I’m thinking of the accounts in the news of the Florida man who ate the face off of a homeless man, and reported today one in the northeast that killed a housemate and ate part of his brain. And I wonder why we’re so afraid of snakes and tigers. Should we ban housemates? They’ve killed more people this year than tigers and constrictor snakes! It’s for public safety right?

Some wanted to eliminate youth working on farms because some are involved in accidents, sometimes fatal. So let’s not let kids (or teens) run machinery or work with the family – it’s for public safety.

Except it’s a sham. Sorry dear people but it is. The fact is statistically there are two other much bigger threats to public safety. In Oklahoma, where the wildlife park is, these two killed 113 and 24 children alone in one year, not counting thousands of adults. In Ohio, where there is a push to ban exotics for public safety, 187 and 35 children in ONE YEAR were killed by these two heinous killers. According to the National Child Health review 6,683 children – the #1 killer and #2 killer at 1,056 nationally in ONE YEAR.Even accidental firearm deaths (and firearms are another danger that “should be banned” according to many) don’t come close.

You see, the #1 killer is – wait for it! – automobiles and #2 is drowning. Yet people think nothing of putting their children into a vehicle and driving them to the pool on a summer day. Now remember this for the public safety mantra. The fact is you’re thousands of times more likely to lose a child to either than to a tiger or snake. So it can’t possibly be about public safety or no one would drive cars or go to pools!

Tragically, over the Memorial Day weekend the headlines piled up of children killed by swimming pools. So should we ban swimming pools? Seriously here – they take valuable resources of large amounts of water, which in agriculture we’re told we should conserve by eliminating livestock! They are killers on a much higher level than many of the things people want to ban for “public safety” reasons. Among children 1-4 swimming pools is the #2 killer behind birth defects.

“For every child less than 15 years old who dies from drowning in a pool, another 10 receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.” Worse, the rates skyrocket by race, with blacks much more likely to die than white or Hispanic. According to the CDC “Other at-risk groups include African Americans, American Indians, and Alaskan Natives.1 African Americans between the ages of 5 and 19 are six times as likely to fatally drown in pools as whites or Hispanics.” This is not a joke folks, but how many of those “minority” groups teach their children to swim? Is that a factor?

And it’s not just deaths. A headline this morning says much – 1 in 5 adults admit to peeing in the pools. So even if you don’t drown in it, or are adult and not in those figures of child fatalities, “But 54 percent of public pools tested by the WQHC last year failed to provide the proper chlorine levels and 47 got low marks for pH balance.”

And it gets worse! “The additional bacteria we carry on skin, in particular sweat and traces of fecal matter (yes even on adults),gets mixed in the pool. “If disinfectant isn’t right, bacteria is allowed to grow in pools, so someone accidentally consumes a mouthful of water like we all do when we’re swimming and suddenly they’re subject to serious bacteria like E.coli or salmonella.” ”

Exotics, some even including birds like Kitty, are discussed in bans. Who is she harming here?

Now remember all those who rallied against “pink slime” and food safety to eliminate e.coli and salmonella? Of course everyone wants clean food…but how about swimming pools?! What good does it do us to strive for clean food, safe housing of our animals and other things for public safety when the biggest killers are not those things? If you gulp water in the pool and eat a safely cooked burger, which is likely to be a source of contamination?

The loss of any life is horrible and not to be minimized. But admit when it’s for safety and when it’s for “I don’t like that” politics.

So what if we ban swimming pools and vehicles? After all, it’s for public safety.

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  1. Donna permalink
    June 5, 2012 10:11 AM

    Finally, some common sense. Our government wants to ban everything in the name of protecting the public, and take away every right that Americans have. The Zanesville tragedy was indeed a tragedy….for the animals. Now HSUS and their bed buddy Carole Baskin of Tampa Florida’s Big Cat Rescue are behind legislation to ban, ban, ban. To read the truth behind the lies, deceit, fraud, and even suspected forgery, perjury, and murder that surrounds Big Cat Rescue, who HSUS supports, go to Be sure to watch the videos to see these despicable people..the ones wanting to deprive animal owners of their rights…caught in their lies.

    • June 5, 2012 1:41 PM

      Thanks for visiting Donna. Banning doesn’t solve the issue – for people or animals. If someone wants a big cat and can care for them, then more power to them. If they *aren’t* cared for then that’s something else. But then I see less concern for the animals than for the power of the elimination of them.

  2. June 5, 2012 2:21 PM

    They want to steal what they ask for bans against. Bans are what should be banned.


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