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Celebrities Talk Food – Ignore Food Safety

June 7, 2012

Those who have followed us for any time at all, or who spend a few minutes looking around the blog and website, know we are passionate about food choices. A clip came to my attention yesterday of celebrity Rachel Ray appearing on The View promoting her Book of Burger.

I took a look at the idea of sterile food yesterday. It’s not happening folks. Salmonella, e.coli and other food safety issues are all organic. In the clip Whoopi Goldberg asked about the pink center of the meat. Rachel Ray responds “I think everybody should be better educated about where their food comes from.” She goes on to say most of the recalls were from pre-made patties, and that the beef she served was safe. OK – no argument there at all about education!

A red flag came when she continued on. “If you know the quality of your meat and you buy something that is organic or grass fed, you’re going to be fine if you like your burger a little pinker. ” There was no mention made of temperature.

Organic beef can still have the dangerous variety of e.coli! A recall is not unheard of, and be it meats or vegetables, it *can* still be contaminated and still needs to be handled properly. The idea that organic is safe and forgiving simply is not true. Although we practice organic raising it would be foolish to not also stress food safety or, worse, tell people don’t worry about it our food is fine. And it is for us and our customers…but as mentioned the other day about risk, who looks at the swimming pool?

Our food is safe for most people most of the time, at a far greater level than much of the world. However, just because you home process doesn’t mean that it can’t be a source of contamination – most people don’t have testing done on their kitchen.

By all means, exercise food choices!  Please, while doing so, exercise common sense in the team hitch. There is a great deal of misinformation spread, some by celebrities who have a much bigger platform than we peons. Whoopi was right to question, and unfortunately the answer Rachel Ray gave wasn’t entirely true.

And I’d question if there’s rabbit burgers in that recipe book! Whatever you choose to grill, and whatever color you like the inside, it is your choice, but weigh the risk with any ground meat, especially if children, elderly or those with compromised immune systems may be dining with you.

Check this link for some great information on safely cooking your burgers…it’s not about color folks! Temperature kills – 160 degrees – not color. If the burgers are well done but not the right temperature and if there is e.coli present, you can get sick. Don’t chance your health.

Be safe. Exert food choices, be it grass fed or organic or just over the counter, but please don’t be careless or blind – and don’t rely on celebrities selling books for your only information source.

Enjoy that burger…safely!


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