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SlowMoneyFarm Small Business Grant Application

June 11, 2012

Funds for the land have been tough in coming, and no matter how much we believe in food choices, heritage breeds and heirloom seeds it takes land to make the most of the conservation effort and feeding others.

Rare breeds with a job – eggs to feed people

Farms are small businesses, but not as apt to get people to speak for us as restaurants and other city orientated businesses. Still, we know that everyone has food choices, and we hope that there is enough who care about it also to click to support us in qualifying for a grant. This would be funds we wouldn’t have to pay back…meaning we could pay it forward in helping others with food. It takes 250 votes to qualify to make our case to the panel deciding who gets the funds – and we need that support *now* as it only runs for a couple more weeks (until the end of the month).

This would very much speed up the ability to reach our goals with space and pasture. It’d put in the rabbit barn that could change much! It would add room and the ability to have geese and more ducks than we can properly house in our current location. It could help families in need be able to have a hand up, something that is central to much of what we do. It preserves the rare breeds and their unique characteristics.

Help us receive 250 votes on the Mission: Small Business℠ page to get closer to qualifying for a $250,000 Grant. After clicking “Support” on the home page, look for our business and vote for us!

Click HERE – if you have a Facebook account you can vote with it. It’ll just take an email address if you don’t have a Facebook account. Search (scroll down) for SlowMoneyFarm and when you find us click the  support button. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of time – for which we greatly appreciate! We started much later than some contestants and have a long ways to go – please please please take a few minutes to click it for us. We can’t get considered if we can’t get qualified.

Thank you readers!!

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