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Hard Times Bad Luck – Sometimes Life Sucks

June 15, 2012

The title, taken from the Montgomery Gentry song “If You Ever Stop Lovin’ Me” is the reality on any level of farming, no matter what the focus. There’s good days and bad days and sometimes just horrid days – but life goes on if we’re lucky.

Yesterday was juggling finances, trying to get votes for support on the grant, a webinar and adjusting attitude. Also listing “Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past” and “A Look At Agriculture” on Amazon so it’s available for those with Kindle readers. It’s been a busy week, and shows little sign of slowing down.

We like to stay positive and of course showing the winning rabbits and the new babies is warm and fuzzy. It makes the bad times worth it to enjoy a salad from the garden, or a meal of chicken that we raised or looking over a healthy litter of youngsters. Then there’s mornings like this one!Still, there’s the view of many that if you have animals you’ll lose animals.

I started early wanting to get some fresh pictures from the gardens. The disk, which I have been using photos from but did not pull all the photos off of, is not recognizing anything and wants to reformat. If reformatting is done any chance of getting those photos is gone. Again! Ack!!! So I grumbled and came in to get another disk.

I note the Japanese beetles are hitting hard on the rose bushes. Although many say they’d share with bugs, the bugs aren’t so generous, as the above destroyed rose hip shows.

Insect damage on pepper plant. Took a minute to spot spray leaves…a last ditch measure to save the plants.

Moved Bargain & Tornado to fresh ground. They’ve managed to stem the growth of the henbit, allowing some grass to grow back.

It wasn’t yet 730. I managed to get a few photos when the batteries died. Grumbled some more.

Connor reported the younger cal is pulling a little fur, and she’s due soon so we moved the older cal, then put the younger one in with a nest box. Moving mamas with babies so that expectant mamas could have the nest boxes was on tap while Connor did his watering chores. Two chicks died without permission and a fail to thrive little chinchilla doe as well.

Grumble some more. Day’s not going good. It’s 830. I move around back to pull the two ‘ear’ does up to nest boxes and find aborted kits all over the cage. They were not full term and not old enough to survive – litter lost.Clean up and moved around.

We tattooed most of the older kits yesterday – a few left to finish up today and the younger litters. We did two of the oldest that needed done. Did a Wine & Dine X Holly buck that is really improving, may be a candidate for Wichita. I was going to finish up giving some pellets to youngsters, stepped around to do so and the buck showed his gratitude by peeing on my foot. Not just a little…floodgates opened.Giant Chinchillas can have a wicked sense of humor, which does not normally match ours.

That’s it…I decided I was going in, working on some paperwork or something that didn’t involve bodily functions, injury, death or bummer topics. Connor decided to make breakfast and – again – set a plate on the corner of the sink (where it’s been repeated not to do, only on flat counter) and it crashes into the sink and broke. One less plate.

He resisted his habit of asking “so how’s your day going so far?” Smart.

It’s 1030 and I’m about to break out a shot and go find a shade tree, a book and ignore the rest of the day. Just for today. Tempting.  Naaa…there’s more babies to tattoo.

And the Moskvich tomatoes are growing. As for the bad stuff. This, too, shall pass. Breathe.


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