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Playing Chicken or Chicken Little

June 28, 2012

Politics – many hate politics but find they have to be aware of what’s going on or have decisions made without them. With the parties blaming each other, the posturing and drama and most not knowing what they’re (really) voting for is it any wonder people are frustrated. They’re in a game of chicken – who’s going to back down or swerve first only the prize or casualties are our lives!

On the other hand there’s the media headlines, the sensationalized reports of the sky is falling. From global warming to a host of other issues, the warnings are dire. The bigger threat hasn’t dawned on the majority as they don’t see it.

Ag buddy Ryan Goodman mentioned recently the number of cattle being sold. The drought, heat wave in much of the company, hay isn’t growing, even gardens are stressed and not producing as they should be. Peppers like it hot but they’re hiding! Farmers are selling off cattle as there isn’t grass or hay to feed them. Pastures are stressed, crops are stressed.

On top of the weather large chunks of the west are on fire. Colorado Springs has had evacuations and homes lost, but it’s just one of the communities hit by large fires. Multiple fires in Colorado and Arizona, as well as New Mexico, Utah, California and beyond. That’s a lot of heat being generated in a campfire that covers thousands of acres! That hot air comes east and keeps it hot, with no rain in sight.

The next two days are predicted to be 106 degrees here. The misting system has been getting a workout in keeping the rabbits cooler, and makes a *big* difference! When it’s 102 degrees outside it’s 85 in the hoop. It’s actually cooler in with the rabbits than in the house! The boys are cool and content out of the heat, eliminating the fertility issues that come with hot weather as well as the deaths.

This puts hot weather, with hot air behind it, with increased selling off which decreases further cattle in production…which changes beef supplies, although it may not be seen for a while. We’re trying to lay in supplies of hay as soon as we can because it may be harder to find as the drought goes on. There are other issues with drought, such as the recent cattle lost in Texas.

As the majority of people head to the water parks and pools, some begrudge farmers water usage to keep things growing. Like many places, the misting rows aren’t for convenience – it’s for survival. It’s for the comfort of our animals and we’re working on that even in the heat. That’s just what you do when having stock.

I see headlines like parents who leave children in cars as they forget they have them…and I don’t understand. People don’t forget their cell phone, or briefcase or other items for lunch. How do they forget their child?! Yet pets, children and elderly die every year in vehicles.

The sky isn’t falling – but it’s sure overwhelming at times! The barrage of bad news, the day to day things out of our control to deal with – it may be time to catch up on some summer reading, leave the online world for a day or two and sit out with the critters. What really matters? It’s not what celebrities said or did.

Family. Friends. Homes. Community. Pets. These things are irreplaceable. Good livestock be it cattle, sheep, hogs or – yes – rabbits and poultry – are valued. Unplug for a day. Breathe. Look around. When we’re too busy to remember our kids something’s got to change.

Make sure pets have plenty of water they can’t tip over. Give them extra care – it’s a scorcher out there. Drink plenty of water, know the signs of heat stroke and heed when you’re tired. Take frequent breaks. Be safe.Check on neighbors.

And if you can, send $10 or 20 to a legitimate organization to help those who have lost everything. We’ve been there, under different circumstances. Make a difference for someone.


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