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Sizzling Saturday

June 30, 2012

It’s been heartbreaking to read too many reports from around the country of rabbits lost in the heat. We’ve been extremely lucky – had one little crossbred die but no other heat related losses.

Last fall I bought three closeout misting systems at the end of the year. Last Sunday we put them up and today it got a serious test. The reader board in town flashed 118 degrees just before noon – believe their sensor was in the sun, but it was still 105 or so.

Inside the rabbit area even with high temperatures outside it was a pleasant 82 degrees, with late afternoon rising to 88. There is a 48 hour high and low – and the high (yesterday afternoon, Connor in error turned the sprinkler off for a bit) was 93*. With the sprinklers on, the temperatures stayed under 90, usually a full 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. I have no doubt that this saved our rabbits from heat stroke.

Summer chicks – heat lamp not needed for these little ones!

We urge people to pay special attention to their pets and livestock alike in this high heat weather that has blanketed much of the USA. Water and shade is critical. I am thankful we installed the misting system and the fans.

Additional water nozzles arrived today from an online purchase. We appreciate the support in purchases. The garden is struggling, and some of the tomatoes are not doing well. We irrigated heavy the other day but I’m not sure it was enough. The misting system waters the stevia, and several cuttings were started as well.

We’ve also put out several pans for our other friends – the songbirds. There is no puddles around, and in the back yard in three places we have pans they can light on and drink or dip in without drowning or getting caught. We know they’re around, and right now water is more precious than food.

The heat is tiring – but we’re not through it yet. I hope everyone else is handling the heat ok. Be safe, plenty of water and shade. In other news, both we and our friends at John’s Custom Meats qualified for the next round in the contest. It’s been an experience!

Thank you all for the support – we hope for your continued support in future projects, like our housing upgrades for the rabbit conservation project. We are humbled. Thank you.


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