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It’s Independence Day!

July 4, 2012

When Marina McBride belts out “Let freedom reign…” it’s often with a different interpretation than the video and song portrays. However, America has survived all these years with good reason.

Because people care. We may grumble and squabble things aren’t just to our liking, much as some say it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in winter! But the fact is people care enough to defend her, and care enough to feed her people.

We’re independent, and sometimes it seems farmers are among the most of those independent sorts. Few other businesses face the risk of farmers, and one of the biggest is consumer choice. That’s right, dear readers, your choices allow some farmer the chance to fill them, with whatever those choices may be.

It may be organic, or the easiest to prepare, or fast food, or luxury items or exotic meats. It may be heirloom or modern conventional. It may be produced on large farms or small, women owned or not…the choices are many!

As many light up the grill today, let’s be thankful for that freedom. The freedom to choose, the freedom to disagree and the freedom that too often we take for granted. We are blessed.

Whether you’re grilling steaks, burgers, vegetarian fare, beer can chicken, hot dogs or a host of other things – there are many who would die for a chance to have what so many take for granted. Let’s not take it for granted!

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