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Saturday Sale Day July 7

July 7, 2012

OK folks we’ve got a few financial challenges staring us down here and wanted to offer some item reminders. You know how expenses come up always at a bad time – and we all seem to make it through but it’s nervewracking.

We have an Indigogo project going right now for a building project to expand the living quarters for the rare breed conservation project. I’ve since starting that found a source for some bulk wire, but it will be a couple of months after closing until we see those funds, due to their processing and such.

In the mean time in other news I’ve been chosen as a presenter at the 3rd Agchat Foundation Conference, to be held this year in Kansas City. There are occasional price specials but it’s half the cost (but a little more fuel) to fly out of Nashville than Birmingham. That’s still going to be about $200 and the sooner we book the better.

And with the holiday the off place work has been scarce this week, with the same payments everyone has but we don’t talk about – vehicle insurance, water, power etc. That’s not including a few groceries to stretch through to next weekend…so…!

For those nearby we have fresh eggs for $3.50/dozen. These are from outdoor hens, brown, white and colored shells. Most of our hens are brown egg layers, but we have a few white shelled layers. Bring your clean cartons or containers.

Gardeners – we have compost for $5 for a 5 gallon bucket (bring the bucket) or $15 for a muck basket tub (bring your own tub). (If you don’t have a tub, Tractor Supply in Jasper has them 2/$15.)

We’re also taking orders for meat fryers, pay now for custom raised delivery. Like all rabbit, there are no added hormones or chemicals in our fryers – just lean meat. 5/$100 or 10/$200 This is the same price as on the Indigogo perks – but direct paypal or cash means we can free it up now as we need it for immediate expenses.

Champagne X Silver Fox bunnies.

We will be making another round of breedings tomorrow and Monday – this will be Giant Chinchilla, Champagne D’Argent, Champagne X Californian, Chinchilla X Californian, Silver Fox cross and Satin cross.

We still have photographs and other items as well. If you’re looking for a unique gift 8×10 original photos would fit that, or do well for decorating an office or other room with rural or country images. 5x10s are also available.

We’ll also have for the first paid local bookings two 5×10 raised beds for $250 – this includes the wooden frame with eight inch side boards, your soil and compost (from our own bin), and we’ll plant it square foot garden style with heirloom or other non GMO seeds. You water and harvest, minimal weeding, and a plastic cover can extend the season.

If interested contact us via email – – spam will be deleted. Spread the word – thanks!!

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  1. July 9, 2012 2:28 PM

    Those eggs look so good. I wish you were local to me!

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