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It’s Just a Dog

July 12, 2012

Many people say this, usually in a confused way when a dog owner makes reference to their pet or partner. It’s just a dog. Today a long time friend, Glenda, said goodbye to a dog that was a part of their family for almost 17 years.

Now if you watch the news media pets in America are treated horribly. No dog that is almost 17 years old was treated horribly. Many feed our dogs before ourselves. When I had to let Gael go in 2006 it was the most difficult decision. She’d been perky and lively just an hour before. It marred the Christmas holiday that year, with two losses that fall. She’d been my shadow for 12 1/2 years. She was not just a dog.

Today there are quirks of Missy that I see Gael in. Missy is her granddaughter, a link to much more than just a dog. Although we have several dogs they’re all unique. They all have stories and unique ways they fit into our life. Yes they fit into ours…we humans don’t very often think about that.



There’s Bruiser, whom we lost a couple years ago. He, too, had a long history – all 13 years of his life were with me. He was called abused, vicious, loyal and a host of other descriptions. He lived for most of his life in the shadow of his mom (Gael). When she died the realization each day was precious with him became stronger. He did get the choice leftovers, the best place by the heater, the undivided attention to just sit and be loved on. Not a minute of that was wasted time. For all his flaws, his loyalty was unquestioning. He left no doubt he may die but he’d do so protecting his family. Thankfully, we never had to find out.

We hear about the horrible people who get rid of the dog because it doesn’t match the new decor. We hear the people who get a dog for a fashion statement. We don’t hear the ones like Blue, who wandered in so terrified of being touched she bounced off a chain link fence that she knew was there…it was only concern for her pups that she came back. She gave in to hunger to take pieces of food,  gradually relaxing and eventually letting me touch her. Today she ‘smiles’ at the hugs and welcomes a soft place to lie down in a house she was afraid to enter.

Or there’s Diva – our regular readers see her updates and have seen her grow up in “Diva’s Domain” here. There’s Red, who quite literally moved in on us. There’s, more recently, Queenie and Chase, and Tucker. There’s Bella, and there’s the dogs no longer here with us but missed.

There’s a poem about the Rainbow Bridge where our pets wait for us…and if that has any truth there is a barking happy reunion ahead. If they miss us half as much as we miss them it’ll be something special for sure.A few horses and cats await too.

But they’re not just dogs. Life was better for their presence. That’s more than just a dog.

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  1. Jodi permalink
    July 12, 2012 10:19 PM

    Beautiful post. You are right you know. They play such a huge part in our life. We are blessed.

    • July 12, 2012 10:25 PM

      It’s amazing the way they adapt to us. Search & rescue, herding, living in houses and on our schedules. We don’t adapt to them nearly as much in many ways – but they love us anyway.

  2. Laura permalink
    July 15, 2014 1:28 AM

    I would love to adopt another dog the blue healer mix Shelby


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