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Fire Christmas Sale in July

July 14, 2012

OK Folks crunch time trying to stop a snowball problem. (Transparency alert! No games, no scams, no holds barred.) Ever have those panic crunch times?

Due to a situation out of our control we’re far behind where we need to be at this time of the month. Scoutman’s off the place job that usually brings in $400-500 per week has brought half of that for the month so far. We’ve got feed and a few groceries. The vehicle insurance and water is paid – but scrambling to cover power bill (increased because of hot weather last month and must be paid Thursday), a couple other smaller bills of $300, plus coming up with sale price airfare to the AgChat Conference next month ($120 right now if bought so quicker we get that the better before it goes up and deal is off.)

So call it Christmas in July, call it a fire sale or whatever other marketing term that stores use to get people to so what they want – buy something. Unlike stores though there’s no hidden print, there’s no price or handling fee added onto it, no hassles or doublespeak. This is for a limited time due to circumstances.

We’ve got 8×10 original photographs just $20 each, including shipping. If you’re decorating an office or want a different kind of gift choose from sunset, butterflies, flowers, reverse image (an “artsy” type of image), rural scenes.

We’ve got 2 5×7 pictures for $10.

We’ve got a southern gift basket hand created for $50 or $100 – choose from edible or non edible baskets.

We’ve got, for local folks in Walker County Alabama, punch cards good for 10 dozen fresh eggs for $30 – that brings the cost for outdoor free range eggs to just $3 per dozen. If you’re out of the area, you may donate a punch card to someone in need. (These would be handed out next Saturday through a local church food giveaway).

We’ve got pdf copies of “Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past” and “A Look At Agriculture for $10 and $6 respectively, or $15 for both.

We’ve got organically grown (not certified) rosemary, dried right here, for $6 – will be about 2 ounces in a Ziploc sandwich bag, ready to put in your spice jar.

For those with connections to organizations needing a speaker or interested in sponsoring for the ACFC conference trip, I’m available to talk about social media or rare breeds. Contact me privately to see what we can work out. Tailored for business/agriculture points.

If you have a blog and need filler material for those “don’t know what to write” times. I’ll do a group of 5 300-500 word articles for you for $25.

With enough support I know this is but a speedbump…but could sure use a referral if you know someone who might be interested in any of these things. This too shall pass, but we’d sure like to stop the snowball from becoming an avalanche.

If you’ve thought about making a purchase, or if any of these are of interest please do so now. You may send payment to paypal address of – this post will only be up for a short while, so please don’t wait. Even with ideal conditions it takes 4 days to get from Paypal to bank account, so there’s not a lot of time to wait. If you’re local in Walker county Alabama, we can accept cash also. Thank you readers!


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