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What Does the Future Hold?

July 16, 2012

The other day I sent out a plea for support/additional sales, citing snowballing situations. Well that’s still the case but more is adding to the stress. The tip of the iceberg makes it to the posts. Some things – like Tucker disappearing – we have a limited amount of things we can do something about it.

Brahman heifer

The immediate needs to take care of are important because we see bigger things looming. Most have seen reports of the drought, but don’t think about the implications. Arkansas cattle folks are selling off many more than normal because there isn’t feed for them. This reduces supplies…fewer cattle having calves means a year or so less cattle which means higher beef prices.

Add to that reports in Iowa of farmers headed out to chop what corn is available – something to feed their cattle. Less corn means higher prices…and we’re hearing reports of corn doubling in price by winter. That means higher feed costs for the chickens…and competition for that corn from larger places, as well as hog and other farms that have animals to feed.

If we had it we could get a dozen metal barrels and go get corn right now – stocked up, rodents and moisture couldn’t get in – but those are $10-15 each plus $16.50/100# of corn so probably 300-400# each barrel…a chunk of change! That’s in addition to other expenses.

And if it sounds like complaining – it’s not. We could sell out, put the critters in the freezer and eat well. It’s why most *don’t* talk about the unpleasant part – money. It’s why we groan when we hear about rich farmers and sitting back collecting your tax dollars in subsidies ’cause it’s just not happening. There is nothing that happens without us doing something and someone else choosing it to buy.

The time is better than ever to get land and insure food before it’s too late…but trying to stress that sounds alarmist. There will be food available. Whether it’s with food choices, and at a price you want to pay is something else.

If you haven’t joined it, explore food choices with our 8 week challenge. Please if you’re subscribed here check it out – it’s set up to talk more the food end of things than just the farm stuff, but hopefully it’ll help folks find the best choices for them right.

Much is happening, and it’s a day I feel a little scattered with busy. Ever feel on overload? Taking in too much at once? Sometimes it gets so dry when the rain comes it washes off. It needs to soak in, take time to really absorb. We do the same with information. Why clutter your mind with information overload? A timely reminder this morning – slow down and take it in.

Check out our sale…please don’t put off ordering. It could make more of a difference than you know. It’s a day or two to back off just a little bit and find solutions…somehow, someway let it soak in enough to find alternatives. That stretches what is available that much further, but still means we’re facing a very difficult situation.

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