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Would You Invest In…

July 17, 2012

Would you invest in a research project that has no guarantee of a return? How about a small business with a good idea? How about a big business if you’d only have known earlier to get in on a good thing?

How about a communications company that will revolutionize the way we communicate around the world?

How about a mold that will be refined and injected into millions of people to cure many infections? Would you have sunk your money into that 90 years ago when Alexander Fleming purified that mold and developed penicillin?

How about going back further? Can you imagine being the person that envisioned magnification of soil, skin and other things in our environment? Where would we be today without the microscope?

How about the first people to invest in satellite systems. Of course those are all proven technology now. How many are lurking to change the world, from the way we eat to the way we grow things? How many will be delayed because it’s deemed “too risky” to invest in it?

When people invest in a stock do they know for sure it will gain in value? No. There are many who have lost money, and who have invested in things that never panned out as imagined.

Then there’s the investment that isn’t just money. How about if you knew there was a disaster looming – would you act? Most say of course they would, but many don’t. Hurricanes have warnings for days in advance, and yet people are trapped and die when they hit. Many invest in the financial system of banks, stocks and others, trusting others to invest their funds for them.

Then there are some who envision investing in small businesses on a different level. Perhaps the return isn’t just financial – perhaps there’s the satisfaction of seeing a dream come to life that makes a difference in this cynical world. Perhaps it’s a means of “what if” things go bad, knowing that your advance investment could be a means of assistance. The insurance industry thrives on this!

Perhaps there’s some out there interested in the what if – what if in 5 years, 10 years money is worthless? What if it’s based on cash, not credit? Where will you be if it’s up to the preparations you’ve made right now for housing, food and survival?

Could you do it? Most couldn’t. We’re finding solutions to that what if. We’re looking to come out on the other side…heirloom and heritage stock has done so for years, and if things go badly they’re worth much more than the stock market on Wall Street. Sometimes those who wait miss out on things that change the world. Don’t wait.

Are you ready?

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