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Photographs & Credit

July 19, 2012

Like many, I’ve used photos on my blog and often don’t give much a thought about the ordinary photos used. I’ve been lax.

This morning, as I do every morning, I checked email then the overnight Facebook world, before looking at my schedule for the day. I saw a friend posted a photograph from a Facebook page and…wait! It looks familiar! Yes…it’s my hen. Google picked it up and was distributing, without the credit of where it came from. Those who posted them appreciated knowing where it came from…but what of those who have used photos we might not appreciate.

So today has been going back through and trying to tackle tagging each photo. This is a big task – literally thousands of photos to pour over! Procrastination bites!

So a little history in sharing ‘from the archives’!

Patio with the ‘tornado resistant’ picnic table.

The planters here have stood for decades. Massive concrete pipe, upright, with colored cement and rocks stuck into the cement by hand. Yes that was a task for us when we were kids – which dates how long these have withstood the Illinois weather!

Raised decorative beds of a different kind, also built to withstand the elements.

Relaxing pond. Live fish in the pond too. 🙂

SunnyBank Farm – the cows are gone, many of the fences gone, but it’ll always be home.

Thanks for visiting – we’ll be back in full swing soon!

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