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Large farms, Small Farms, Food Choices

July 20, 2012

I’m continuing to work through photos today and have hit on a few that hit nerves. I’m working on some ‘sharable’ things for those on Twitter and Facebook. We also have some flower photo enlargements ready to launch.

I see many that go to agriculture forums and bemoan the “rich CAFO farms” while seeing the small farms as somehow picked on. The truth is every person reading this – every person out there that you pass – has a choice about their food. What they buy, where they spend their money makes a difference.

Some folks say “we’re too far away to buy from you”. Gifts ship folks and it helps! Yet somehow those critics don’t do that either. Condemnation for larger operations doesn’t help us. Eliminating larger agriculture doesn’t drive demand for what we small places do – only demand does.

Is the above a large “factory farm”? How about the one below?

You see, a glimpse of a farm in a photograph doesn’t tell a lot about the management, the ideals and from a distance, not a great deal about animal care either. It tells nothing of how much pesticide or herbicide is used on the fields. It doesn’t tell what kind of seed is in their fields. It’s perception. How about comparing the above photo to the one below:

Most people say the above scene doesn’t happen anymore. Most insist today’s dairies are massive confinement operations that pollute the environment except for organic grass based dairies.

The reality is the second and third photo are of the same operation!


We embrace food choices, and seek to provide food and gifts to those who support us and beyond. But whether you buy from us, from someone else or from the grocery store, food choices are important. Whatever they are.

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