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Have You Hit Overwhelm Lately?

July 23, 2012

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. With recent events like the Colorado shootings, day to day life events, minor illnesses and busy summer activities it can quickly become overwhelming!

This led to the above caption when going through photos to mark for the blog and beyond! I’ve been putting up ongoing posts on our SlowMoneyFood blog (you have checked it out haven’t you?!) so that hopefully they post at the same time, roughly, every day.

We’re attending a workshop/field day about organic growing, heirloom tomatoes and other relevant options to our growing program tomorrow, which means we need to alter our day and work program to accommodate.

Diva has had an “owie” on her feet, which has slowed her down but she’s as sharp as ever mentally and smart enough to know giving it time to heal is good. She’s eating good and rather enjoying the extra ‘spoiling’ she’s getting!  She’ll be back up for another “Diva’s Domain” post in no time!

Looking down the road there’s the same bills and ‘life’ stuff that everyone has, planting a late garden and breeding for late summer and fall litters. There’s new pens to get up, and Connor’s done an awesome job hauling compost from the back to start filling the beds in the front. There’s also a presentation to prepare for the AgChat Conference and an ever-growing list of “small projects” to do that seems to add two every time we cross one off. OK so some weeks we cross one off and add five!

We’ve been disappointed in the peppers this year – just haven’t had the yields we’d hoped either from the heirlooms or the hybrids, neither sweet or hot peppers. Many of the plants look beautiful, but no peppers.

There’s a couple of early gardens we’re clearing out and replanting also. Bored? Never! We sleep well at night!

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  1. July 23, 2012 6:58 PM

    We had that one year (the peppers). Too much nitrogen, I think. Could this be it? I’m sorry–so disappointing when things don’t bear as they should.

    • July 23, 2012 9:21 PM

      That could be – we do use “the good stuff” (bunny poo) for fertilizer. New bed we put in has chicken and rabbit compost that’s about 6 months old so maybe better luck. Figured with the heat the peppers would thrive…but joke’s on me!

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