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Rainwater Collection For Households

July 26, 2012

Another tidbit from our recent trip to the organic workshop and field day was rainwater collection! Here’s a system that uses rain water for toilet tanks and non-potable (not drinking) uses.


Here is a peek at a barrel with a screen to keep leaves and debris from the tank:


Water is an important resource – too important to take for granted. While many point to composting toilets and avoid using water for elimination, others like the flush toilet. This is an alternative.

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  1. February 16, 2013 11:57 AM

    I built a rainwater collection system using advice from a number of different sites and using products from various manufacturers.
    Although I do have first flush devices on all of my downspouts, the water is used only for the gardens and is non-potable.
    To be used for household purposes a filtration system would need to be added.
    You can see pictures and the build process of my system here


  1. Mike Adams ~ Oregon Criminalizes Permaculture; Claims State Ownership Over All Rainwater - Ponds And Swales Restricted - Jail Time For Violators | Shift Frequency

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