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15 Things You May Not Know About SlowMoneyFarm

August 1, 2012

We’re pretty open about our activities here – from the loss of animals to the additions of others, the good times and the not so good times and the downright life sucks times. Of course we don’t tell all of our secrets, as no one really wants to know what we had for dinner. Or do you?! (Our dinner pictures on Facebook are always well received!)

Still, here’s 15 things you may not know about SlowMoneyFarm and the people behind it.

1. Jan has never watched Desperate Housewives, Modern Family or other “must see TV” but does enjoy “Grey’s Anatomy,” “General Hospital” and classic tv shows.

2. Connor has an ambition to be in the Marines, and a keen interest in flying airplanes.

3. Scoutman has worked as a professional chef assistant and catered events of large sizes.

4. Jan’s worked for over 30 years with horses, and one day hopes to have a spot to retrain race horses on the farm and get them into new homes. (Need land!)

5. Diva, our “Diva’s Domain” subject, has a sister who is an official search and rescue dog in Mississippi – Dobermans do it too! Bella, our German Shepherd, was sired by a Kentucky K9 (or so we were told!). The picture shows her trying to get away from cats on the ground that she knows she’s to leave alone, but they were chasing her!

6. We all like a good practical joke, so long as no one gets hurt. We laugh a lot and usually find the good in a situation.

7. Jan’s worked a variety of jobs over the years including 911 dispatcher, tow truck dispatcher, office manager of a company that adapted vehicles for ‘disabled’ drivers and assistant manager of an RV park, where she worked with Connor’s mom.

8. That position was open so that Helen could take some time off to have Connor! 🙂

9. Sometimes we’ve had to make do on $700 for the month – the experience helps us strive to help others make better use of their money.

10. We’re applying to do litter control along a section of highway in our community.

11. We’re motivated to provide food choices, as it’s the ticket to *our* food choices.

12. We’ve been to most of the 50 states between us.

13. Scoutman has an interest in Native American beliefs, crafts and ideals. Occasionally he and Connor work on making some for sale.

14. Connor played shortstop, pitcher and catcher on a baseball team in Arizona.

15. While you probably won’t find us at many football or NASCAR events, it wouldn’t be out of character for being at a rodeo, polo match, horse race, hockey game, baseball or basketball game. We don’t have a tv in the home but watch some things online.

And yes, there are more secrets we haven’t told yet! 😉

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