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2012 Drought Affects All

August 11, 2012

One might think we’d be somewhat insulated from prices of large farms. We don’t deal in tons of feed at a time, and don’t have the iconic rural grain bins so familiar up home in Illinois. We were fortunate to have had a break from the drought with less damage than many who have lost their crop or were trying to salvage it for cattle.

And if thinking that it’d be wrong. I went to the feed store today to pick up a bag of rabbit feed. We don’t have corn in our rabbit feed, but corn prices were cited as the reason for the $1.50 increase in feed. And the chickens…which *do* eat corn in their ration – we’re sweating bullets trying to figure how to store enough now for winter before it goes up again, and knowing financially it’s just not going to happen.

I’m concerned. It’s not even half way through August and we’re approaching winter corn prices. We need alternatives, and those are met with restrictions. The ideal situation would be find some restaurants interested in ‘green’ kitchen waste removal but that’s often restricted. There’s not a great deal of alternative options and we’re totally dependent on the market. This is one of the biggest reasons we are trying to get land.

Now the push is different – it’s even more important to get farm share signups which insulates your prices in addition to helping with our costs and additions.

The photo and other gift packages go a long ways now. Spread the word about our Move Over Farmville program. Basic feed costs are running about $100 per week – thankful for rabbits that can eat hay!

Eggs at even $4/dozen might bring half of that, but at $3 there’s few willing to detour, even for outdoor raised birds. Progress is sometimes met with speedbumps, and this is one. We, like the rest of farming America, would appreciate the support. Spread the word with us, Christmas shop with us and keep farmers of all sizes in your prayers.

This hits everyone – and will take everyone to get through it.

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