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Reality and Choices

August 17, 2012

Many people throughout the internet say they support small farms. Some do actively buy at farmer’s markets, CSAs and other food choice options, but others don’t want to give up the convenience. There’s a piece of mind when food arrives ready to heat and serve without any preparation needed. And that is a big difference between someone who purchases direct. If you’re squeamish about meat photos, you might stop here. If you embrace transparency and want to see what our dressed rabbits look like, continue on!

For many there is something comforting to take a package of food with no identifiable source. That is, you don’t see a whole pepper, a whole onion, a beef carcass or chicken – you see the results in a package, cut and processed ready for cooking. Many criticize such processed food but it’s food choices also!

In eating homemade, of course, you’ll be dealing with these whole products. Be it onions, potatoes, chicken, rabbit or other food – in buying, preparing and cooking it yourself you’re taking out the people that deal with food in the “identifiable” state.

For those who are interested in direct purchase of food, you’ve probably given a great deal of thought to the situation. Many haven’t seen a good dressed meat rabbit. For those, who are wondering just what we do here – we recently dressed out and processed three rabbits, born and raised here, for a customer with a farm share. Here’s what she’ll be getting – lean, high protein, clean meat:

These were born, raised and cared for all in the same place. They had food, protection from the weather, daily attention, and made use of grasses and plants we cannot eat to provide meat, which we can.

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