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Ag in the Bible – Fitting In & Expectations

August 19, 2012

So often it seems church is a means of fitting in. Everyone goes to church on Wednesday, is seen at the proper functions but somehow that doesn’t mean everything. There are others that just don’t fit in. We look for His guidance and get it – but not from the Christian folks around us.

A Facebook picture illustrates this lesson in expectations – I don’t know who took it or the details, but it’s an illustration in trust – trust that’s misplaced, from this horse’s point of view!

From a horse person’s point of view this looks like a wreck about to happen. The horse is trying with every bit of effort to clear both of the fences in front of him, but he left the ground far too soon. By the time he comes down it’ll be a miracle to clear the second fence.

Then there’s others, like some Christians, that seem to jump clear but it’s without the same playing field. And there’s others like the third picture that may both get over but not as it should be!






Things happen…and with a good horse, a good rider, luck and preparation jumping is a sport of fitness and beauty. Then there’s times when it goes wrong and it’s anything but!

God doesn’t want us jumping too soon. Sometimes fitting in doesn’t happen as we want but it doesn’t mean He doesn’t have a plan.

Over the years I know He does listen. I equally know that I don’t fit in at many churches. And that’s ok I guess. Things work out but this week has been a lesson that relying on *him* – not a church or other Christians or deserving it but by His grace and His promises.

People let us down. They don’t understand, they miscommunicate or don’t sense our situation. Like the first horse we must stretch in the impossible to cover the obstacle before it. Or when we ask they’re not there so we’re left to jump without them. He guides us even then.

I know we often don’t fit in. Not in the world and not with other believers. For whatever reason that is, I’m not sure other than we’re all imperfect. We don’t have to fit in with people. We need to work with Him and follow His guidance. And when we do…we can do what seems impossible. And we stand out.

world record jump

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