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Agvocating in Kansas City – Wanna Eat Today?

August 23, 2012

Southwest Airlines has a well known slogan of “Wanna Get Away?” On previous trips it’s been a major hassle and a big part of seldom flying. However, this trip the folks at Southwest went over and above to be accommodating and that warrants a mention! So thanks SWA – Nashville to Kansas City was so much easier!

And along with their slogan, and the reason for the trip, is a variation. Wanna Eat Today? Everyone needs to, and yet many don’t think bout it. Many don’t understand, or repeat worn out inaccuracies. So farmers have come from coast to coast and beyond the US border, many traveling all day today to learn how to reach out to folks out there. With the use of Facebook, blogging, Twitter, Youtube and many other things, it’s a great time to chat with farmers from anywhere.

And so we come to share, to learn, to discuss new ways of reaching the folks who want to know how food is produced. It means travel without being paid for it, but because of the genuine interest in reaching those who want to know what we do. Over 100 people, some arriving early for board meeting time, others driving 17 hours from across the border, others arriving later today. Some, I hear, will eat rabbit for the first time (way to go Kelly!). Some are struggling with affording coming, financially and/or time away from the farm. But it’s important and so we come to a beautiful hotel in Kansas City. There will be fun, certainly, but bottom line it’s to learn and share and more effectively reach out.

Two years ago – it doesn’t seem that long! – the first Agvocacy conference was held in Chicago, and last year in Nashville. Many blogs, conversations and efforts to connect have followed. And so the view this morning isn’t of our familiar surroundings, feeding rabbits and tending critters – Connor’s handling those chores, with Paul’s help, at home. Like every other attendee, it’s important to cover home – no matter what we’re doing our animals still need fed, watered and cared for. For me, it’s somewhat out of my element. The comfort zone of familiar – getting up to homemade breakfast – is altered. It’s on a very tight budget, but as many have said – it’s important to be here.

Wanna Eat Today underscores that – from everyone in this effort food is too important to be taken for granted.

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