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Be Careful What You Wish For

September 1, 2012

I woke up yesterday and, as usual, did my rounds checking everyone. The parakeets were gone, their door by the water access half open. I’m sure I closed it and checked with Scoutman and Connor – neither had messed with them. That left one suspect.

People say they want smart pets, but really don’t. Shelters are full of smart pets – smart enough to get out of doing what they should! Trainable and smart isn’t the same thing! Kitty watched me every day open the door to feed and water the parakeets…and knew how to navigate doors, but I had never seen her over on the parakeet cage. No matter, now the two parakeets have been set free – and will probably die because of it. Although people claim pets prefer to be free, they don’t do so well on their own. Their food will be limited to possibly handouts at a bird feeder, and they don’t have shelter. While there are parts of the world they exist in the wild, those places aren’t typically the USA!

Sometimes intelligence and training collide. Classic example right here:

Dayjur Safely Kept Breeders cup

These are two top class horses, both driving all out for a win. Head to head, neither giving way and it took just a slight error – a shadow that Dayjur tried to avoid – for Safely Kept to snatch the victory from him.

Both were trained. Both were intelligent and both were giving all they had to win…but one ignored the shadow while the other bobbled. Running through the shadow ‘threat’ makes a difference.


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