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The Simplicity of NOT Multitasking

September 4, 2012

It’s a rush rush rush world out there isn’t it? And even when we need to, it’s hard to catch up on things while at the same time keeping all the other balls you’re juggling in the air!

The last couple of days I’ve done the bare necessity for the critters – of course they’re fed/watered, but a job that we’ve put off doing beckoned and it was time. It was past time. Weeks. Months past time. Anyone relate to this?!

It was purge the office. Clean, empty the room. And in a mobile home there’s not a great deal of room! Inhale, exhale, focus. Box up, bundle up, move desk, bookcases, chairs into the corner of the living room. I love books…so have a small library. I seriously could escape from the world, shut everyone out and read for six months without going anywhere. Test me. Oh wait – better not! *smiles*

So as the corner of the living room took shape, Connor moved into what was the office. More privacy, his own ‘space’ and stretching that independence that alternates between relief and frustrating. There’s still some tidying up to do, but it’s so much better. With three of us it’s been a 2 day job…although of course today Connor was busy with school, I kept reaching for one more container to empty!

Sometimes multi-tasking is a distraction. Stopping to do a blog post, then checking Facebook, then email then – oops it’s almost lunch time…and nothing more is done. So I stopped for just a few hours at a time. Focus. The reward is coming. Business books, ag books, self help, spiritual, ‘real life’, horses, dogs, planning…the list is long. They’re much more organized, however, including a stack of quick quotes/thoughts/facts now kept handy to share with Twitter and Facebook friends. The time to get ready allows more productive work when I jump back in.

Imagine saddling a horse, and you put the saddle on, bridle, get on and…fall off! What happened?! You didn’t stop to tighten the girth – just putting the saddle up there doesn’t hold it in place! Complete one thing then move on. Complete it with time to reflect and enjoy the small things.

One day, then a week…work towards streamlining. Don’t feed the frenzy – like arguing with online trolls it does nothing but suck the time and energy from you. Breathe – do just this thing. Practice.

Let’s empower ourselves instead of multi-tasking into a frenzy, to plan, launch and do more with less. Work smarter not harder. Who’s with me?!


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