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What If…Revisited

September 7, 2012

No matter what we do and no matter what business, it pays to occasionally look back and forward for perspective. What gains have we made? What do we need to change? We looked back three years in April, and pondered “What If…” when we were pushing to qualify for the Mission Small Business grant. We’ve talked to folks and listened to feedback and concerns. We’ve asked what you want to buy, and we’ve put forth ideas of what we can offer.

We’re penciling, figuring, at the point of needing room/expansion, seeing a possible opportunity and at the same time see a great deal of work ahead this fall. Getting farm shares is difficult – we understand not everyone has $1,000 to front for a start and wait for their food to be grown. We understand growing pains are about to happen and one of the concerns was trying to provide everything – a one stop place for beef to rabbit to fruit and nuts.

We’re just three people and doing everything plus marketing is a full time job that, frankly, most wouldn’t take on. We’ve grown from those very small early times to still small but getting bigger. And we’ve found the possibility of an opportunity in joining forces with someone who thinks much like us, who has an existing beef herd. More hands on deck, and bringing the side we were most unsure how to provide within a short amount of time.

We’re working on the details, looking at just what we *need* to get this launch going. We’ve found a beautiful 20 acre spot that looks like ‘home.’ It could house fruit and nut trees, gardens, sheep, hogs and of course poultry and rabbits. The money thing looms – a dollar seems like such a little thing anymore. Ten dollars for a pizza. 130,000 isn’t a little thing, but existing business empires are started on less. Suitable land for not only livestock and business but a life isn’t a little thing. Doing it quickly, no wasted time, with winter crowding in, isn’t a little thing. Plans that are in place are tweaked and almost ready to take action…or are we? Why yes. Yes we are.

Sometimes life seems like a hormonal teenager…it’s fine one day and raging tears the next, happy then angry then acting like nothing’s wrong. And it passes, like teens grow up, far too quickly. This time, this preparation, seems maddening and it’s easy to be like a jazzed up race horse wanting to run *now*.

And someday…we’re gonna miss this. Just like times in Washington, just like times with my mom, just like many other things that we think we’ll get through and it’ll be ok. Enjoying the ride – and the destination – is important.

you’re gonna miss this

The photos are from my dad’s place. 50 years ago it was a little house on a hill, rural area. The patio, the rock, the many things around the farm were built to last by hand. Rock. Concrete. Steele. Permanence and beauty.

It’s those lessons, too, we carry forward. We aren’t a here today gone tomorrow, any more than the family bonds or the over century history in many of our animals and types of plants. As long as America wants us, and what we do, we’ll be here in our communities like farmers coast to coast. Adapting, progressing, surviving – but rooted in tradition.

It’s who and what we are.

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