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Embrace Being Unique

September 8, 2012

Have you ever looked – really looked – at raindrops, snowflakes, grains of sand, spots on animals? Even in seemingly infinite number no two are just alike. Cloning makes news because it’s an exact genetic replica but still not identical to the original. We’re also shaped by the world around us, and that is always changing!

Even in school we don’t like to stick out. Peer pressure is strong because it makes us feel alone and we don’t want to be alone – we want to fit in. In life, fitting in can be an extreme. Then we grow up, have businesses (or work for them) and it becomes about standing out. So much so that in advertising we’re told *this* product is the only one you need, and no other even comes close, and the others are inferior. It can be a form of bullying, almost, to put down someone else in order to make our business or product better or more attractive to potential customers. Do you hate that too? Is it just marketing? Did you give “I’m better than you” up in school?

How often have you met someone or used a product and really thought a lot of it – you told your friends and they had a poor ‘review’ of it? Does it change your experience? Do you stop liking someone because others don’t get along with him or her?

We all have value. We all see things differently sometimes and we can conform against our nature or embrace what makes us unique. How many ways do we tell ourselves we’re not good enough? Yet you were created as a unique individual – not like others. And here’s something else – there’s a freedom in being who you are. You can be authentic, and make choices that reflect who you really are. You might alter that some for the family, but deep down, even with “life” if you want to sneak into the kitchen for butter pecan ice cream or spend an afternoon watching old movies does that alter their lives to celebrate yours? Usually not…you may even find things you can share.

We all have those things that make us different! We’ve been eyed wth suspicion sometimes for not, as others do, speaking against ‘factory farms’ and GMO and how evil corporations are. Does it make a difference in what we do or provide to criticize them? Not a bit! Does it make ours better to make them look worse? No. If people are afraid of food safety why don’t we assure them ours is safe? Obviously we feel it is as we eat the food we produce too! But the world is an imperfect place. Regular readers know we believe in food choices enough to not deny those who can afford only to shop at ‘the store’ a chance for safe food too.

We are unique. Individually and in what we do, we’re not like anyone else. We love our heritage birds and rabbits. We like having a different view and exploring what works for us. We’re unique enough to know there are folks out there who want what we have, and welcome their business.

We don’t have large volume. We do have personal. We have choices.

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