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Ag in the Bible – 7 Simple Ways to Honor Him

September 9, 2012

We get busy and caught up life and it’s hard to listen. A few weeks ago we reflected on listening. How do we honor Him? Here are seven simple ways to make changes going forward.

1. Simplify by clearing out clutter. Have a room for reflection – reduce the nick knacks and “busy – focus on clean lines, items that you really love that inspire you. If our surroundings are “busy” how do we slow down our thoughts? It’s not about *things*.

2. Clear out emotional clutter. We get emotional and want to hang on to things. The waitress was rushed dealing with us, or the cashier made a mistake, or something didn’t go as we wanted it to. Are we perfect? Why then do we expect others to be? If we as followers are not perfect as Jesus was how can we expect other Christians or not yet Christians to be perfect?

3. Use a Bible reading plan. There are many options out there – find a devotional reading plan and stick with it, even for 10-15 minutes per day. Yes some days it’s hard to do that…and we may think of and talk with Him throughout the day. Consider this – if it’s important we make time. If He isn’t important enough for 10 minutes in the morning to implant devotional thoughts in us where does our thought process go? With all He’s done for us, it’s not too much to ask.

4. Ask for help. We in agriculture are notoriously independent and often stubborn. Asking for help is something I don’t do well. It’s easy to help others but sometimes it’s humbling, too, to be the one asking for help, which allows someone else an opportunity to help others. Not long ago we had an issue with the Explorer starting (still do but that’s another thing!) and I had to get to town. It meant asking a neighbor for a jump start. Was it a big thing? No. So why so difficult to ask? Asking is risk – the person might say no. Or they might happily say yes! If we don’t ask we deny them the chance.

5. Cultivate wisdom. Many people are very smart – wisdom comes beyond intelligent. Wisdom centers in a different way. Make time for that prayer, study and worship, meditate on wisdom from others.

6. Spend time each day in sweet silence. This doesn’t have to be inside. Appreciate what’s around us – take a few moments to watch the cattle when turned out for the day, or watch the animals settling in for the evening. Appreciate a sunrise or sunset. Be calm and inhale the sweet smell of hay cut that will feed the animals later or be sold to feed other animals. Look around us and take a little time each day to just observe.

7. Love what you do. For those in agriculture this is easy. I think of Ryan, and Janice, and Jeff, and Ray, and MikeGreg and many, many others and they truly love what they do. It’s said if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Years ago I paid the bills cleaning stalls. Some looked down at the job, some saw it as lack of ambition. But those animals were more comfortable because of the work I did. No matter how mundane the task, in agriculture many “mundane” tasks are important, from cleaning the bulk tank on a dairy to cleaning under cages for rabbits to washing feeders for poultry. It’s important.

We may not see these as a way to honor Him – but they are means of connection, ways to care for what He has given us and means to care for ourselves.

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