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Are Food Choices Worth The Fight?

September 11, 2012

Ever play those word association games that go directions that we can’t control? Sometimes my thoughts are like that! So when my friends Carrie and Ryan talk of a new song from Cody Canada and The Departed called Worth The Fight, I thought especially today – what is worth the fight?

It’s a day of remembering the lives lost 11 years ago. But we can’t stay in remembering. We cannot be paralyzed by that image. We need to look ahead at what is #worththefight – the hashtag on Twitter is showing many things that, still, are worth the fight. Here are a few things I think are worth the fight. No matter how hard, no matter who opposes, and no matter what the trials to get there.

Food choices. I know – regular readers are shocked right?! We are unbelievably blessed in the United States to have more choices than many can conceive. Whether it’s what you can afford, or organic, or vegan or fruitarian or bacon every morning for breakfast or any food choice you can imagine there is some farmer willing to grow it for you.

Food availability. Food choices are great – bringing that to more people is availability. Making sure that as many people as possible have food. We have folks in the USA falling through the cracks, doing everything right and yet not sure how they’ll afford food for their kids next week. Think that’s worth the fight? I do! I think with enough people working together, things like our sponsorships can help those folks. We’re a community folks. We may not be perfect but we’re Americans.

Our country is worth the fight. It’s not perfect, but people die trying to come here for the castoffs many don’t even see. My friend Troy thought it was worth the fight. My friend Michael thought it was worth the fight, and Stephen and J.R. and many others who watched those towers fall 11 years ago and did not sit back and wring their hands. They came forward and said “sign me up.” They have all paid – Troy with his life. All have had their lives affected, with life threatening injuries, scars that remind them of the shrapnel or fire or of things they can’t remember. And sometimes of things they can’t forget.

Our veterans are worth the fight. The battle doesn’t end when they come home. For some it’s just beginning. Suicide is taking veterans. Homelessness and hunger and too many challenges to comprehend. Buy them a meal. Thank them. Listen to them – if not about the challenges about life and ordinary things. Support their businesses if you get a chance.

Our families. Our communities. To me, these things are links in a chain of freedom. Freedom for our country and freedom of individuals. The availability of food is core to freedom and self sufficiency. The ability and willingness of our veterans to do what they’ve done allows others with the ability and willingness to provide food to do so, which allows everyone the food choices that we hold dear.

This is Girl.


And Missy.

Every once in a while these two opposite personalities squabble. Missy is excitable – every time she hears the car, the food being prepared, anything out of order, she gets animated and wound up. She’s half border collie and has that never say die (or slow down) give 150% attitude. Girl, well Girl won’t pick a fight but if someone pushes her she’ll define it. She’s a big-barker beagle x heeler x whoknows that’s half again bigger than Missy. And yet about once a month Missy deliberately tries to start a fight with Girl, knowing she is not going to win. Or she should know! Of course we shut it down immediately but they both are serious…no holds barred, blood drawn, fighting for breathing space if left to their own devices. We don’t want to know who wins as we love them both, despite their disagreements with each other.

What is worth the fight for us to draw with that kind of dedication? Our lives? Our own determination? Food? Freedom from interference from bullies? These things are worth the fight for a couple of otherwise fun loving dogs.

What about you? What is #WorthTheFight ? We think agriculture – food choices – freedom is.


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