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Time Marches On

September 13, 2012

When a new book, movie, CD or other item comes out, few see the work and effort that has happened to get it to that level. It’s the royal unveiling and the public reaction that catches people, but there’s been weeks, months and sometimes years of work to get a project to that point. And when it happens, the parties involved are often working on something else because we all have bills to pay!

So here we are in an unusual situation – on one hand we look in the stores and it’s September – too early for Halloween let alone Christmas! Yet we need to think about Christmas because of sales, and we need to look beyond Christmas to plan for the spring! Like many other projects, we have weeks or months of work into the delivery of food. It doesn’t just happen randomly and it doesn’t happen accidentally.

We’re looking at the possibility of even bigger things. As we recently asked, we need to know what potential customers are interested in buying for personal service, but we also need to look at that next step! And it’s going to be a big one!

We’re looking ahead not just to the winter, but to spring. We need to plan matings, work towards some important steps 2-6 if step 1 goes through and get ready for offering a great deal of variety we haven’t been able to yet. We’ll be able to move forward and serve a larger customer base, meaning more food choices for more people!

With this, we hope you’ll be thinking about where your food will come next year. The political and economic situations are touchy. We’ve focused on some simplicity topics lately because it’s part of the reducing stress and living we want to share. It’s not just about food – it’s about living. We hope you’ll join us actively – this fall, through the winter and into next year. Exercise your voice, your right to vote this fall and let’s work to strengthen our homes, our communities and our country.


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