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Are You Living Your Ideals?

September 22, 2012

Isn’t it funny that we’re such experts at what others should do? The choices we make may not be perfect, but they’re our choices to make. Sometimes we don’t get the desired outcome and don’t make the same choices again. Sometimes we don’t think of all the consequences before making those choices.

Creating simplicity in your life means making moral and spiritual choices that are true to your beliefs. It matters and is meaningful to you. It might not be the same for anyone else, but it doesn’t mean hanging on to a superiority attitude. “I’m better than you are…” is something we should have learned to give up in second grade. However, confidence isn’t necessarily putting others down. It’s knowing what you are, and knowing that your choices are YOUR choices.

We’re embarking on some new ideas that will share our ideals. We’re working on some seminars including making food choices, simplicity, choosing heirloom/heritage ideals and providing what you can for yourself. We’re working towards planning how and when those will come up, but look for them in 2013!

We’re working towards land, which allows a broader plate of food choices for our customers and our soon-to-be customers who share our ideals. We’re excited to be standing on the brink of some big changes. We’re taking reservations for new farm share packages, including pork and lamb – this feeds in to (literally!) the pending changes! We’ll have delivery to points in Nashville, Tennessee, St. Louis, Louisville, Lexington and Peoria Illinois. If there is demand, there’s the possibility of delivery to Cincinnati and Indianapolis as well as Birmingham and Atlanta. This allows further food choices for those who want them. We will be having some fun things on tap, and we look forward to growing in the ways we’ve put much time and thought and planning into. We’re grateful for the blessings we’ve had and interested in passing that on, too.

We’ve revised some of the pages, with new offers, a meat co-op opportunity (there’s not very many of those around!). We’ll have some planting and fencing and building to do, and seed to continue beauty and function, with animals set into a picture you’ll get to see and taste!

Stay tuned, sign up, spread the word. We’re living our ideals. Are you? If they intersect let’s make a community!

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  1. September 22, 2012 9:43 AM

    It is definitely a work in progress this living your ideals thing. Forge ahead!

    • September 22, 2012 1:40 PM

      Yes it is!! There’s direction in knowing where we’re headed – where we want to be with those goals and ideas. There’s promised opportunities that allow forward motion after much planning. It’s been a long time coming and much to do but it’ll be worth it.

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