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Angels Moving Forward

October 2, 2012

I suppose some might wonder about that angel thing. You know…’cause we don’t claim to be angels in any way. But it is just that kind of day today. Beginning of a month. We’re starting to see plans come together. It’s going to be a very big fall and 2013 in just a few more steps.

So, loyal readers, although I’m trying to get everything nailed down first, here’s an exclusive sneak peak!

This could well be SlowMoneyFarm’s future. We’ve got this property on a verbal hold pending travel to close the deal early next month. Yes, folks, the talk of shares for 2013, of clinics and other projects is more than hinting – it’s planning!

We have been talking to and negotiating with an angel investor for a couple of months now. There’s been hours on the phone, in person meeting, exchanging ideas and some very exciting things on the table for the future that not only will move our program forward, but also help our angel investor’s program and kick in some cool stuff. And y’all know how we are about win win situations! So this is it folks – although we fell short of goal in the crowdsourcing, yes there will be a truck in the near future and more. We’re refiguring our business plan and we’re ready for a rocking 2013 and beyond!

So what does this mean for you? It means we have aim towards having pigs growing before the end of the year. It means we’ll have not just incubators but a planned heated chick barn for starting larger numbers of chicks, both for meat birds and layers as well as the conservation project chicks. We’ll have a place to host several clinics and camps the first year out. And yes, we’ll finally have a new-to-us truck with a trailer to move stock with when we want.

We’ll be developing new ways to serve, planting trees, expand beyond the confines of raised beds and much more. We’ve been in contact to acquire some registered Hereford hogs next summer, using feeder pigs between now and then. We have penciled in a trip to a sheep show and sale in the summer, adding the sheep we’ll use to produce some awesome feeder lambs.

This goes to the next level as we already have the poultry and rabbits in motion, so expanding that is easy. We’ll have fences to build, enabling the pigs a wooded area to explore beyond their pen, but still fenced for confinement, observation and ease of care. The chickens, too, may have an area in the trees to scratch and roam.

Sometimes it’s seemed like a stop and go, one step forward two steps back. We look forward to having a “regular barn” for the comfort and safety of birds and animals. We look forward to expanding to where we want to be. We look forward to some things we haven’t talked about yet. We look forward to the challenge of providing your food through our farm shares.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity. We’ll announce an introduction to our angel investor in time, and look forward to a dynamic and full service opportunity.


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