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What Can You Learn From a Sick Race Horse?

October 13, 2012

Those outside the horse racing world may not know who Paynter is. The last few months he’s faced the race of his life, for his life.

Earlier this year he nearly won the Belmont Stakes in wire to wire fashion, being passed by Union Rags in the final strides of the race. He continued on the path to champion before a test that threatened his very life.

Belmont Stakes – Paynter

He got colitis, a problem with the digestive track. He lost weight, as he couldn’t properly digest his food. It was touch and go as he battled fever, then was diagnosed with laminitis in 3 of his feet. This was a horrible development, as laminitis has been the demise of many champions from Secretariat to Barbaro. Teams of experts worked on him, with the best medical care possible.  Then he had an intestinal abscess that threatened, resulting in surgery.

Since the surgery, performed at the same facility that treated Barbaro, he’s been gaining weight, feeling good, no fever, and – in short – on the road to recovery.

He wasn’t concerned with media. He didn’t understand why he felt bad, and doesn’t know how to fix it. He trusted those he knew to care for him, but had an iron will to live. No matter what medicine can do, it can’t replace that drive to win, whatever the challenge is.

The unwillingness to give up is something that is an inspiration. While it’s true he doesn’t know, or care, the statistics how many horses die from *one* of his ailments, he never gave up.

May we face our trials with the same determination. Don’t give up is they key to one more day.

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