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Believing You Can Do Anything – Ag in the Bible

October 14, 2012

Some say if you believe it you can achieve it. The cynical side of me says no. The optimistic side says if you believe in yourself you can achieve much – and you can. But temper belief with reality.

Some things are not going to happen. For example, if I suddenly decided tomorrow that I wanted to win a gold medal at the Olympics as a swimmer, and I was sure I could because I was so positive about it, well, I think I’d have to have some mental checks. It’s not going to happen, no matter how hard I train…Be positive, but be realistic. ~ Donald Trump – Think Like A Champion

Put another way, when we train horses we want them to believe they can do anything. They trust us and we build that by asking what we know they can achieve. If we point a Shetland pony towards a 10′ wall there is no way he is going to jump it on his own. Realistic.

God can do anything. The impossible is possible for Him. We have limitations. We can fertilize and prepare and plant and there are limits to what will produce, and no matter how much we believe it’ll produce 500 bushels per acre of corn, it is very likely to disappoint come harvest time.

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. We turn away from opportunity. We judge others on appearances, and on not fitting what we want to see. Our friend and angel investor sees things sometimes differently than us from a different perspective – and that’s ok! Some things work for her that aren’t in our scope, and vice versa. And some things we’ll work together on to benefit both. There’s others who turned and walked away, in criticism and disbelief, before it got started. Great. Their loss!

Their loss doesn’t define our reality, but at the same time our reality must be achievable reality. It is. It’s at a level we can clear. Like a horse learning to jump, we’ve done the poles on the ground, the cavaletti and raised jumps. We’ve learned to clear much on our own. We’re not looking at a 10 foot wall – we’re looking at a bigger jump with the belief that we can do this.

We all have different obstacles. He puts them there to challenge.

I know that thou canst do everything and that no thought can be withholden from thee. Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? Therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not. ~ Job 42:2-3

We must trust Him, as a horse trusts us to give all we can at an obstacle. It won’t be easy, but there are rewards.

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