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The Power of We – Community in Agriculture

October 15, 2012

Often times we think as a society we’re independent. Thousands seek self sufficiency, and I did at one time. It’s altered somewhat – as a community is invaluable. We may be a part of multiple communities.

The photo shows a group of agriculture folks – agnerds, farmers, organic farmers, large scale farmers, organization employees, hog folks, dairy folks, crop farmers. All have their own community of folks they deal with. There’s a community in that room of folks to “get it” although all have different backgrounds.

They have another community – the people they live near, work with, go to church with, serve and are served by. Yet farmers are fiercely independent in many ways. They won’t necessarily keep the same breed of cattle as others if something else works better.

I often use “we” signifying not only those of us at SlowMoneyFarm, but those in our community who are kindred spirits, and those who live near us, and those who buy from us. This may be several types of people who don’t cross paths…but are still community.

As we move forward, *we* becomes even more important than others, and that community is something that is as important as feed and water! It allows spreading the word of what we’re doing, sharing information, creating more customers which, as a business, helps us carve out our niche. We’re about community because it’s what builds memories, lives and makes life worth living.

We hope our online community will continue to grow – not only our readers, and customers, but those farmers who have been generous with advice. Those who guide us and share their experiences, even if we choose a slightly different path. WE is truly a factor.

The agriculture community comes together to help those in need – from organizing hay drives for folks in a drought, to hauling hay to ranchers who lost theirs in fires. Community is there in the good times, but appreciated greatly in the low times. Give and take. Support and be supported.

These things make a community, and that makes a life. Make it extraordinary!


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