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Animal Welfare – Who Is Your Verification?

October 16, 2012

Last weekend Tyson announced a new program to verify animal welfare standards in the farms supplying them. Initially focusing on the hog farms, it will expand

The audits – called the Tyson FarmCheck Program – have begun on a trial basis on some of the 3,000 independent hog farms that supply the company, checking on such things as proper human-animal interaction, worker training and animal access to food and water.

“To our knowledge, no other major U.S. meat or poultry company offers this kind of service to its farmers, customers and consumers,” President and CEO Donnie Smith said in a news release.

We applaud the measures of all of the large agricultural companies to improve animal welfare. We also keep in mind that consumers still have a choice – and we think that it’s important for everyone to choose how they want their food produced according to their own views. Obviously we exist for food choices – and we think that there are people who appreciate seeing for themselves, even online, how the animals are raised. For those who don’t care to look, who simply want low cost food options at the local grocery, it’s a good thing that there are folks looking out for the animals raised for them also.

Here’s to food – and farm – choices!

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